Biathlon Canada
After a disastrous meeting with athletes where Martin Fourcade led an unplanned walk-out, the IBU hastily changed its plans and has announced an extra Congress to be held before World Championships to address the Russian doping scandal. "We are now unified with a majority of athletes and coaches in demanding meaningful actions toward strengthening our anti-doping penalties; actions that need to happen now and not in 2018 when the next IBU Congress is scheduled," athlete rep Lowell Bailey wrote in an email.
If you ever wondered about where those beautiful Crystal Globes that are awarded at the end of the season come from...iit is Bodenmais, Germany. Each one is hand-crafted by the skilled workers at the Joska Glasparadies and truly a work of art!
Every March at the end of the season, two athletes, one male and one female receive the symbol of biathlon supremacy: the big Crystal Globe for winning the World Cup Total Score. Those globes, admired by rivals and prized by the winners are not just another trophy but are hand-crafted pieces of art,...
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