First ever Romanian athlete to be on the podium (and win!), 3 times flag bearer at the Olympic Games, Tofalvi Eva most likely closed her career the past weekend in Oslo, 20 years after her WC debut. “I am not a 100% sure, but I feel like it is the moment to settle down and start a family," she said: “I love competing and I love skiing above all, so these things I will miss for sure. I won't miss the stress and most of all the travelling. I can't wait to stay at home for a while and be there with my boyfriend. I really think the moment to change everything has arrived.”
It was 1997 when Eva Tofalvi made her debut in the biathlon World Cup. 20 years later she competed for the last time on the main tour as she competed on the snow of the Holmenkollen women pursuit., but I won't miss the stress and most of all the travelling. I can't wait to stay at home for a while,…
Biathlon Canada
What an amazing tour of the Kurvinen Biathlon Target System factory!!! First, we were treated to a Finnish snack, and then more time with the EcoAim products. I felt like I was in an arcade. 😁 Then, we were toured through the entire Kurvinen factory where they make the biathlon targets and EcoAim rifles/pistols which includes manufacturing pretty much all of the required parts! This includes CNC machining, milling and plastics molding of the many unique pieces. The Kurvinen family and employees were gracious and accommodating and made me feel more like a dignitary rather than just a visiting biathlete. Thank you to Mika, Mina and everyone at Kurvinen for your hospitality and kindness in catering to the curiosity of this Canadian biathlete. Very much appreciated!!!
Darya Domracheva FanZone
On 26th of March Darya and Ole are going to visit сhildren's national biathlon competitions "Anna Bogaliy Cup" in Murmansk, Russia. They will take part in the awarding ceremony. В это воскресенье Дарья и Уле посетят детские всероссийские соревнования по биатлону "Кубок Анны Богалий" в Мурманске, где примут участие в церемонии награждения победителей.
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