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Well Folks, this has been quite an exciting race weekend for me! I am currently in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, and just finished competing in the Junior Open European Championships. Thursday was the individual, which didn’t go so well, I only hit 12/20, skied ok, and ended up 69th. Saturday was a new day, and a Sprint, in which I hit 9/10, managed to not hit a rabbit which bolted across a downhill in front of me, and ended up 7th out of 108 Junior women. So for the Pursuit today, (Sunday) I was set to start in bib 7, 36 secs behind the leader. I felt solid on skis, and cleaned both my prone bouts, and was able to lead the race for the for the first part of the last 3 loops. I missed one shot in both my standing bouts, and left the range in 1st on my last loop. On the last hill, even though there was a ridiculous amount of extra loud cheering, from my teammates and other coaches/countries, I wasn’t able to hold off the extremely fast Czech girl, Marketa Davidova. I finished 2nd and was ridiculously stoked with my race, as it was super good shooting for me, fast skiing, and my best international result thus far! Thank to all the folks in Canada who got up in the early hours to watch the live results, and everyone for the messages! Also to LEKI and Salomon for my incredible equipment, and volunteers here in Nove Mesto. I’ll be here training for the next week, getting ready for JWCH which starts on February 22 in Slovakia. Photos taken by Emily Dickson
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