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A big CONGRATULATIONS to Prince George's Bobby Kreitz and Emily Dickson on making the Canadian Team for the World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships in Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia, from February 14th - March 2nd. Bobby follows in the footsteps of many other PG athletes in making his way on to the Canadian National Biathlon Team, and while he's not currently training in Prince George, we will always claim him as one of Caledonia Nordic's own :) Good luck Bobby and Emily, we're super proud of you and we'll be cheering you on all the way!!!
Biathlon Canada
Only two biathletes have been suspended following the #McLarenreport - and they are Olga Vilukhina and Yana Romanova, both retired. Of the 13 positive tests by biathletes mentioned in the report, none belong to those two. World Cup athletes are growing frustrated with a lack of response by the International Biathlon Union, which is having a special Executive Board meeting on Saturday to deal with the crisis. “I believe the dumbest thing [the IBU could do] would be to put us off and say ‘we will wait and see, we can’t decide anything yet, this takes some time’,” current World Cup leader Laura Dahlmeier told ZDF.
Biathlon Canada
78 anti-doping samples from 38 biathletes are discussed in the #McLarenreport evidence package. We're publishing a cross-referenced database of all of them, with each doping sample listed with the evidence document(s) where it is referenced. 13 of these tests were positive and do not appear to have resulted in suspensions; seven samples from the 2014 Olympics were found to be tampered with. Several samples were given "save" orders by Vice Minister for Sport Alexey Velikodniy. #adeeperdive #youneedtoknow
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