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Biathlon Canada
After shooting a perfect 20-for-20, Lowell Bailey still had to crush four more kilometers of race course if he wanted to win gold. The finish line felt like it would never come: "Every hundred meters it was a sprint. Every hundred meters was ‘go as hard as you can for this hundred meters, and then when you get to the end of that hundred meters, go as hard as you can and just keep doing that'." Bailey eked out a 3.3-second win to become the first American biathlete ever to win gold at World Championships. Here's the interview.
Biathlon Canada
America first! Lowell Bailey creates the sensation in hochfilzen and will be in the single world champion. 2rd place goes to Ondřej Moravec. Martin Fourcade Taking Bronze. Erik Lesser (Offizielle Fanpage) grabs an excellent 4. th place HUGE CONGRATS to Lowell Bailey and usbiathlon! What a sport! What a WORLD CHAMPION!
America First! Lowell Bailey schafft die Sensation in Hochfilzen und wird im Einzel Weltmeister. Platz 2 geht an Ondřej Moravec. Martin Fourcade holt sich Bronze. Erik Lesser (Offizielle Fanpage) schnappt sich einen hervorragenden 4. Platz
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