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And just like that my race season is over!! Thank you so much to the Team BC staff, coaches and athletes for the amazing support this week. As always, it was awesome to spend the week with such a strong, enthusiastic group of people! I'm happy to announce that I am wrapping up this season with two more National and North American Championship medals! The first, a gold in the 10km Pursuit, and the second, a silver, in the 3x6km Team Relay. Of course, I also want to thank my relay teammates, Angus Tweedie & Jarod Algra, for putting in some really solid performances yesterday and driving our team to Silver! :) I also want to thank the hundreds of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make these championships run so flawlessly. Your hard work (especially in the ridiculously chilly weather conditions) certainly does not go unnoticed!! Finally, I want to thank my sponsors again for supporting me through another season, I am so honoured to have you all on my team! Now, I am already looking forward to the upcoming season.. Time to build, learn, improve and come back stronger in November! PG Motors Madshus Canada Nordic Marksman Elevate Me
Biathlon Canada
WADA launches "Speak Up!" – A secure digital platform to report doping violations The Agency encourages informants and whistleblowers to Speak Up! Montreal, 9 March 2017 – Today, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) launched Speak Up!, a new, secure digital platform intended for athletes and others to report: alleged Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) under the World Anti-Doping Code (Code); non-compliance violations under the Code; or, any act or omission that could undermine the fight against doping in sport. The Speak Up! platform includes a secure app for iPhone and Android phones, currently available in beta version on the App Store and Google Play. “WADA is pleased to launch Speak Up!, which we believe will encourage more informants and whistleblowers to come forward and report suspected doping violations,” said Olivier Niggli, Director General, WADA. “WADA’s independent Pound and McLaren investigations, which were both triggered by whistleblowers, highlighted the importance of these individuals to the Agency and to clean sport on the whole,” Niggli continued. “This new platform is one of many measures that are being taken to enhance the Agency’s Intelligence and Investigations (I&I) capacity under the independent leadership of I&I’s Director, Günter Younger.” “We understand that coming forward in good faith is a major decision that takes courage and conviction,” said Günter Younger, WADA’s Director of Intelligence and Investigations. “Speak Up! answers the call made by athletes and others for a secure, confidential way to report activity that goes against clean sport,” Younger continued. “My role is to ensure that the information provided is treated with the utmost confidentiality, that allegations are investigated fully; and that, in the case of whistleblowers with whom we contractually engage, they are kept informed of progress and that their rights are protected.” Anyone who detects, identifies, witnesses, knows of or has reasonable grounds to suspect that cheating has occurred, is encouraged to Speak Up! It is however important to note the distinction between an informant and a whistleblower as these statuses do trigger different rights and responsibilities. Any person reporting misconduct to WADA will be considered an informant. The informant may decide not to pursue further cooperation with the Agency once they have provided information. An informant can however become a whistleblower if they wish to further cooperate with WADA. In this case, a whistleblower agreement is signed between WADA and the informant, which offers additional rights as outlined within WADA’s Whistleblower Program and Policy (PDF). In November 2016, WADA’s Foundation Board approved the organization’s new Whistleblower Program and Policy, which formalizes the legal framework and outlines what the Agency will provide in terms of: support, confidentiality, protection, and reward; as well as, the way to go about raising concerns and how they would be investigated by WADA. For more information about Speak Up! visit: https://speakup.wada-ama.org - ENDS - MEDIA CONTACTS Ben Nichols, Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications Phone: + 1-514-904-8225 E-mail: media@wada-ama.org Maggie Durand, Coordinator, Media Relations and Communications Phone: + 1-514-904-8225 E-mail: media@wada-ama.org ____________________________________________________ L’AMA lance la plateforme numérique sécurisée « Brisez le silence!» pour le signalement de violations des règles antidopage L’Agence encourage les informateurs et les lanceurs d’alerte à s’exprimer Montréal, le 9 mars 2017 – Aujourd’hui, l’Agence mondiale antidopage (AMA) lance une nouvelle plateforme numérique sécurisée, appelée Brisez le silence!, que les sportifs et toutes les personnes qui possèdent des renseignements peuvent utiliser pour signaler une violation présumée des règles antidopage (VRAD) aux termes du Code mondial antidopage (le Code), toute non-conformité au Code ou tout acte ou toute omission pouvant entraver la lutte contre le dopage dans le sport. La plateforme Brisez le silence! comprend une application sécurisée pour téléphones IPhone et Android, actuellement offerte en version bêta dans l’App Store et sur Google Play. « L’AMA est heureuse de lancer sa plateforme Brisez le silence! qui, nous l’espérons, encouragera plus d’informateurs et de lanceurs d’alerte à se manifester pour signaler des violations présumées des règles antidopage, dit Olivier Niggli, directeur général de l’Agence. Les enquêtes indépendantes que l’AMA a confiées à MM. Pound et McLaren, déclenchées dans les deux cas par des lanceurs d’alerte, ont mis en lumière l’importance de ces sources de renseignement pour l’Agence et pour le sport propre en général. Cette nouvelle plateforme est l’une des nombreuses mesures prises en vue de rehausser les capacités de l’équipe Renseignements et enquêtes de l’Agence, sous la direction indépendante de Günter Younger. » « Nous comprenons qu’il faut du courage et de la conviction pour prendre la difficile décision d’exprimer ses préoccupations en toute bonne foi, dit Günter Younger. La plateforme Brisez le silence! répond à l’appel des sportifs et d’autres personnes, qui réclament un mécanisme sûr et confidentiel de signalement d’activités contraires au sport propre. Mon rôle est d’assurer que les renseignements fournis sont traités dans la plus grande confidentialité, que les allégations font l’objet d’une enquête approfondie et que les lanceurs d’alerte avec qui nous concluons une entente contractuelle sont informés de la progression de l’enquête et que leurs droits sont protégés. » Quiconque détecte ou constate un cas de tricherie, en a été témoin ou a de bonnes raisons de le soupçonner est encouragé à briser le silence! Il faut toutefois tenir compte de la différence entre un informateur et un lanceur d’alerte, différence qui réside dans les droits et les responsabilités de chacun. Toute personne qui signale un comportement répréhensible à l’AMA sera considérée comme un informateur. L’informateur peut décider de cesser de collaborer avec l’Agence après avoir fourni cette information. En revanche, s’il souhaite coopérer davantage avec l’AMA, il peut passer au statut de lanceur d’alerte en signant un contrat qui lui procure des droits additionnels, comme l’explique la Politique et procédure de signalement de comportements répréhensibles (PDF). En novembre 2016, le Conseil de fondation de l’AMA a approuvé la nouvelle Politique et procédure de signalement de comportements répréhensibles, qui officialise le cadre juridique du programme et précise la contribution de l’Agence en matière de soutien, de confidentialité, de protection et de récompenses, ainsi que le processus de signalement et les méthodes d’enquête de l’AMA. Pour plus d'information sur la plateforme Brisez le silence! visitez le: https://speakup.wada-ama.org - FIN - CONTACTS DE L'AMA POUR LES MÉDIAS Ben Nichols, responsable principal, Relations médias et communication Téléphone: + 1-514-904-8225 Courriel: media@wada-ama.org Maggie Durand, coordonnatrice, Relations médias et communication Téléphone: + 1-514-904-8225 Courriel: media@wada-ama.org
Biathlon Canada
For many, the conclusion of the 2017 CDN Nationals means is the end of their competition season. And for Team Ontario it is well earned. Yesterday, under glorious conditions of blue skies, and light to no wind, the team completed their final race... the mixed team relay. Not only must the team members must ski fast to keep their position, but also shoot well to avoid the penalty loop. With 8 shots to clean the bout, how can it be missed! In the Sr Men/Women race, comprising of Trevor Kiers, Alexandre Dupuis, and anchored by Erin Yungblut, played an excellent round of cat and mouse throughout the three legs against Team Alberta Alumni mixed team of Kurtis Wenzel, Zina Kocher, and Tyson Smith. Trevor started skied strong, maybe a little too strong into the range, where after shooting his eight allowable rounds, served three penalties but then returned strong into the range for his standing bout with zero misses. When entering the exchange zone, the team were in third position. At this point, Alexandre Dupuis kicked it in overdrive, and started his leg of the relay against Zina, who has already exchange with her teammate Kurtis Wenzel a 1:30 minute ago. Alex shot clean throughout his bouts, whereas Team Alberta had to circle the penalty loop twice, as Zina missed 1 in prone, and 1 in standing allowing Alex to a comfortable lead and gained a 4:30 minute lead in the final exchange The final leg of the race, was an interesting one, as not only did Team Alberta Tyson Smith needed to gain grounds of such a deficit in time, but also gain time by shooting clean in the range. Team Ontario Erin Yungblut kept her focus throughout her bouts, but was indeed pressed when Tyson entered the range behind her in the standing bout. Going head to head with Tyson, she was able to clean her standing by only using one of her spare, where Tyson needed all three. And as Nathan Smith younger brother, left the range smiling, gave chase to Team Ontario, where unfortunately for Team Ontario, regain the lead to secure a finish ahead of Team Ontario by 42.1 seconds. In the end, exchanges of congratulations through hugs and high five were shared between the two teams. Today, we see Team Ontario returning home, where for most, will begin their transition phase of their training plans. Congratulation to this year teams for all their achievements.
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