What is the secret of Karolin Horchler ?

Autor: Lena Putz

veröffentlicht am: 21.10.2015

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Karolin Horchler is a great markswoman, her aim is to reach the Olympic Games , she prefers dark chocolate

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The 26-year-old sports soldier lives and trains currently in Ruhpolding. Winter is almost upon us and Biathlon-Online had a look on Karolin from a different angle. What is the opinion in her sports career and what are her plans.

Whether she could find herself another job that will make her just as much fun as biathlon. Karo answered with a smile that she wears the passion in biathlon and she still likes the way to become directly after school a professional athlete. However, Karolin is overt for new tasks after her life as a sportswomen.


Karolin is a great shooter and at the German Championships on roller skis, she has proved us with a win and podium finishes. Her way to establish herself in the World Cup and to retrieve a top performance there could be the right one.


Shooting and hits are Karo's specialty. On the course she run with a visual aid behind her race glasses. However, at the shooting range she does not carry this spectacle. One might think that she cannot detect the slices accurately. But perhaps that's her little secret to success at the shooting range.

Private as well as in sports we notice her joie de vivre. She desires most being happy and healthy. And then there still is a determined statement. Olympia!

P.S. If she likes to eat chocolate, then she prefers the dark one.