Autor: Lena Putz veröffentlicht am: 12.11.2015

Jakov Fak traded hot

We talk about the Slovene Jakov Fak. If he can stay healthy the whole season and he has no major failures, he could be a hot spot for the overall victory.

Jakov Fak could be one of the strongest opponents of Martin Fourcade.

One might think everything and all against Martin Fourcade. The Frenchman wants certainly to intervene in the victory of the great sphere. The strong team of Norwegians, Serhiy Semenov, Dominik Landertinger or the duo from the Czech Republic Moravec and Slesingr, all these were the front runners. So far nobody has managed to snatch the overall victory from Martin in the last four years.


But let us speculate together.

Who could still pick up addition to the listed this coveted award? To Martin Fourcade a successful French team has been created, which can celebrate victories in relays together.

If the guys can be dangerous to him and get a similar performance in the World Cup, we provide a question mark.

Especially since he has dominated at the national championships on roller skis again, despite 4 penalties.

But we must be excited about the performances from his brother Simon Fourcade and the other teammates Jean Guillaume Beatrix and Quentin Fillon Maillet.

We must not forget Anton Shipulin. He came close dangerously. Shipulin won behind Martin Fourcade 2nd place in the overall World Cup ranking. Perhaps Anton's teammate Evgeniy Garanichev can also reach a place up front. We'll see what Ricco Gross was able to move. Maybe he surprised us with a completely different athlete from the Russian team.

Potential would exist.

However, the messages of the past days leave us to pay attention.

"According to the current revelations and information much seems to indicate that in Russian sports was doped systematically and coverage." "Insofar we worry of cause that thereof are not only concerned athletics, also other summer and winter sports," said association spokesman Stefan Schwarzbach to the SID.

But there is still someone who was getting stronger and more constant from season to season. Last year he win the gold medal in mass start at the World Championships in Kontiolathi, his second world title after winning the Individual in Ruhpolding in 2012. Moreover he achieved the 3rd place in the overall World Cup standings. Also at the championships in Oslo he could fetch a place at the front.

Correct. We talk about the Slovene Jakov Fak. If he can stay healthy the whole season and he has no major failures, he could be a hot spot for the overall victory.

Speaking about the World Championships in Oslo.

The honor, which gets the winner with an audience by King Harald V. , is certainly for each athlete next to world title the very large deal. Who can ever shake a true king's hand?

World Championships in Norway for athletes and fans a mega event . It depends a lot on the days body constitution and also a little on luck . Many factors must fit exactly on this day .

Next time it will be by and by black, red , gold . We have a look into the German camp of biathletes for you.