Autor: Lena Putz veröffentlicht am: 26.11.2015

Svendsen´s battle call

Can he be beaten? By “he“ Martin Forurcade is meant.

Emil Hegle Svendsen is the first who publicly declares the battle to Martin Fourcade, the dominator of the past four years. Is the constancy of Martin Fourcade finally vulnerable? The battle for the big crystal is as exciting as ever.

“It is amusing to see whether I can beat him," Emil Hegle Svendsen said on "He is strong, but we will try to spoil his plans," says Svendsen to Fourcade. Babbling belongs to work, but perhaps there is also a laughing third in the whole game.

Not only Svendsen and Fourcade are strong. Even in his own team Emil Hegle can expect competition in the overall World Cup rankings. It is also clear that the Norwegians will always have the home World Champs in Oslo in the back of their mind. Is this the chance for Fourcade to get the great globe for the fifth consecutive year?



Cunning or mistaken?

In Finland Ruka starts this weekend the World Cup of cross-country skiers. Martin Fourcade also will run. On Friday and on Saturday he enters into a classic race and skating against the world's elite in cross-country skiing. Can he create a win in cross-country skiing as Ole Einar Bjoerndalen?

Many question marks. Soon we will know which athlete, when and where will set his priorities.