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„A well-trained body and muscle, it is just the effects of this hard work“

Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak ist Biathletin durch und durch mit viel Liebe zu diesem Sport.

She grew up on the bike. Now a bike is back in her luggage. During the breaks in the single mixed relay, she was also in biathlon on a bicycle.

"I love biking" says Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak. Before she decided to biathlon, mountain bike was her great passion. "All mountain bikers are brave," she remembers that when looking into a mountain paddock.

Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak stay in Duszniki Zdrój in Poland. The city is in biathlon not so well known.

However, last winter the city was already an arena of the IBU Cup and also in January 2016 the athletes will compete there again.

"It is a fantastic place", Weronika tells us.

From skiing and biathlon in winter through to cycling and roller skiing in the summer there are fantastic training facilities. "It's a big pleasure to have the opportunity to compete in the hometown." Racing at home is something special for each athlete also for Weronika. But the challenge for her is clearly the World Cup podium. The top 10 in the World Cup overall ranking and podium places, she wants to create.

But what is it that the Polish woman gives the power? Much strength training, working with her trainer Tomasz Sikora and the look beyond the box. "A well-trained body and muscle, it is just the effects of this hard work," says Weronika. Her aim has always been to train the body that she can be strong and fast on skis.

"He has great experience, the deep calm and the knowledge which he is sharing with the athletes,” that gives her power, says the Pole excited when she talks of her coach.

Kara za złe strzelanie musiała być:) Po 2,5 h treningu zabolało to pompowanie .Pierniczę-więcej nie pudłuję :DPunishment after bad shooting:) After 2.5h training even 40 pushups hurts. No missing any more 😀

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Weronika Nowakowska-Ziemniak is biathlete through and through with a lot of love for this sport. Even faster, even more successful that seems to be her goal every day.