Simon Schempp

Autor: Lena Putz veröffentlicht am: 02.12.2015

Does Simon Schempp hit the mark?

First individual competition this winter, who gets the victory?

One minute penalty per error at the shooting range is not easy to catch up again on the track.
The Individual in the men's category over 20km, 4 times shooting and time penalties for errors, starts today at 17:15 clock in the biathlon stadium in Östersund.

Well-known athletes, which rank among the top biathletes in all disciplines, but especially the specialists of the Individual, will fight for victory and placings. Who reaches the forefront in the standings?

Certainly the Ukrainians Serhiy Semenov could be one of them.

The winners of the individual category from the previous year has the podium firmly in his sights.

HE can always win, Martin Fourcade. He is the reigning world champion in the Individual and he could correct sometimes the penalty with running fast in the last season. One must him count for the narrow circle of favorites.

We are the Champions, they are already singing. Norway, with victories in the single mixed relay and in the mixed relay, has in addition to the successful Boe brothers and Lars Helge Birkeland another hopeful candidate. A favorite is also Emil Hegle Svendsen and the "Old Master” Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has certainly planned a successful season.

After the entry in the Relay competitions was not especially successful, maybe the Russians return?

With the success of last season in the mind almost the entire German team could also show their skills today. Erik Lesser, to which it was a bit quiet in recent months, is always a candidate for good results. Peiffer, Böhm and Birnbacher are able, if everything fits, to run in the Top 10, also with "outliers" upwards. Benedikt Doll, who was very stable at the shooting range is also one who could cause a surprise.

Yes, and then Germany still has Simon Schempp that it seems like he is just in his best Biathlon years. Quick on the track and sure on the shooting range. The first real international comparison today will be exciting in any case.