Autor: Lena Putz veröffentlicht am: 07.12.2015

Hochfilzen: Peiffer, Björndalen und Co move

The Biathlon entourage packed the suitcases and moves to Hochfilzen, to the village of the World Championship of 2017.

So a winter idyll like in Östersund, as it looks currently, cannot be offered at the next competitions. The next stop of the World Cup entourage is Hochfilzen in Austria. 

The tranquil village is located in Pillerseetal. Biathlon and Hochfilzen is there together for a long time. An army sports center for biathlon originated on a former military training area. Almost every year, in the beginning of December, the world's elite of biathlon is there as a guest.

The event team always manages to make a great event. Biathlon amid the Kitzbühel Alps and the Loferer Steinberge.  In Hochfilzen is a great atmosphere in the stadium and on the tracks.

"Home of Biathlon" is to be taken literally. Biathlon and Hochfilzen is a special station not only for the biathletes, also the spectators will enjoy it.

For the fourth time in 2017 the responsible brought the World Championships in biathlon again to Hochfilzen.

The stadium area shines already in a new design. Over the summer in the stadium was reconstructed and built. For the World Champs 2017 a new function building was erected this year. The construction work was completed for the present, shortly before the World Cup. Nevertheless, for the organizers is waiting the next mammoth task.


Snow is at the moment still in short supply. The organizers always conjured so far a fantastic route if it had to be even overnight. And maybe, the weather gods relent and send some snow.

Hochfilzen and Dominik Landertinger indeed belong together. Dominik lives and trains in the Austrian biathlon stronghold. Östersund was not yet so satisfactory for him. But with an 8th place in the Individual he could reach a Top 10 result.

The athletes will compete again in three disciplines from Friday to Sunday. It starts with women's and men Sprint on Friday. The pursuit will take place on Saturday. Always a highlight, the relays. On Sunday men and women fight in the quartet for wins and placings in the relays.