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The two Tobis hit almost always the target

Twice Tobi, once Wendl and once Arlt. This team reaches the Olympic gold medal in the doubles luge.

Twice Tobi, once Wendl and once Arlt. This team reaches the Olympic gold medal in the doubles luge.

In Biathlon every athlete tries, no matter which discipline, to reach a great individual performance. A real team spirit is shown in biathlon only on in the relay. In doubles luge there is practical only the duo, one cannot compete without the other.

"If we are sometimes disagree, we discuss it or let us simply times a few hours in peace. We are not as complicated as women." They tell with a wide grin.

They grew up in Berchtesgaden and practically on the luge. There were not many considerations to pursue another sport. Strength, endurance, speed and techniques, these are the basics that both acquire in the common training.

Whether the biathletes would plummet down the ice track, behind this one can make a question mark. The two dare perhaps the exchange on skis. Nevertheless, each sport has its own pitfalls. Some want to run fast and hit the targets and the others files on the quick start and the perfect curve technique.

To be good at their sports, all athletes train hard. Only the priorities are set differently. "Of course we also practice our endurance (running, biking) but we do not train it in the same extent as a biathlete." Other areas are trained intensively. "Power, coordination and stability of the upper body are more in focus", so the two.

But even here there is a common ground. Strength, coordination ability and a stable body must fit well by the biathletes. They all need speed and power, even though the approach is different.

As in Biathlon the material stuff can run well but also wrong. For the biathletes the skis are tuned to the snow conditions. In luge it is about the quality of the skids, on each route they must be retuned again.

Therefore, you meet the two also in their workshop for grinding and screws. This is not known like this by the biathletes. For the ski in biathlon the wax man is responsible. By the luge racers is required own power, as Tobias Wendl and Tobias tell us Arlt. We only know tobogganing on an old wooden sled, so we asked, of course. What happens if you would swap the position on your luge? Both laughing.


"The swap of places we have already tried this, but it does not work because the center of gravity of the luge is too far posterior in position and so this can no longer steer."

One realizes how sensitive and complex is a double luge. When they passed us on the ice track, we notice the big difference to biathlon. No matter how steep a descent in biathlon is, the two on their Super Formula luge are really fast.
The two have also hit the targets. "Of course it's easier if you can shoot in repose and not with pulse 170!", they said. A biathlete might say it is of course easier shooting with a pulse of 170 than plummeting the ice track.

“We know a few biathletes and gets on with them well and have always fun together," said the two.


The upshot of us is clear. Two cool guys that you have to witness live.