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Juliane Frühwirt wins the little Olympics gold medal

In the shadow of the „Great“ managed a German biathlete this winter a remarkable success. At the Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer Juliane Frühwirt wins sprint gold. Her goal is the Olympics in the great liga.

Youth Olympic champion, surely a reason for a huge piece of Sacher cake. "My favorite candy is the Sacher cake that bakes my mom always for my birthday or for special occasions," Juliane told us so happy.

A small Olympic victory has Juliane Frühwirt already gained, so it is not unfounded, if the 17 -year-old wants to reach the Olympics. "The YOG ( Youth Olympic Games) was super nice, a great experience that is the pleasure to want more, the right Olympic Games are therefore also my dream," said Juliane after Youth Olympics in Lillehammer .

"Before I came to him I was totally unsafe. Cross-country skiing or biathlon, but now I 'm really grateful that he has fought so with me." With a hearty smile, she gives the appreciation and gratitude for his help and support back to her coach.

Juliane presents herself as a young focused athlete, who clearly knows what she wants. And that is why it is important for her to keep the cool attitude. "Role models are for me the athletes who are despite their success down-to-earth and who try to support the next generation.” To a concrete role model Juliane does not want to specify. But she is impressed of those who behave just as easygoing as she do. "Kati Wilhelm, from her I was allowed to gain experience in the Kati camp or Tora Berger, who has presented to me the mascots at the awards ceremony," Juliane idolizes them.

Many things in life of the young girl revolve around the sport and the school. It is sometimes necessary to recover. "After a stressful week is also a Friday afternoon with TV on the sofa and with one of my eight cats not very unusual for me."

Everything she does, it prepares her a lot of fun. Biathlon is not a must, but just a wonderful experience for her. "I also do in my spare time sports with my family and friends, I love holidays in the mountains with mountain climbing," the 17 -year-old told us.

With the tailwind of the great successes she engages certainly now the next step in her racing career and who knows maybe we'll see her soon, then in the midst of the world's elite.


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