Biathlon Canada
#TeamNB: New Brunswick is known for its covered bridges, the highest tides in the world and rich rivers, forests, mountains and coastlines. Ten of these cadets will bring their skills, knowledge and intensity to the 2018 National Cadet Biathlon Championship from 6-11 March 2018 in Brookvale, PEI: Alexandra Landry And Soraya Macielle Cajavilca-Boudreau of RCACC 3006, Alexander Sulis and Liam Septon of RCACS 315, Megan Costain, Kathleen Costain and Collin Niles of RCSCC 527, Jeremy Bellefleur and Christopher Rice-Wellman of RCACC 2739 and Andie Mollins of RCACC 1535. #cadetsbiathlon
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