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🎉World Cup returning to NA - 🇨🇦️ Canmore, Alberta 04-10.02.2019 & 🇺🇸️ Soldier Hollow 11-17.02.2019 🎉 http://www.biathlonworld.com/news/detail/press-release-ibu-executive-board-meeting#
IBU Executive Board Meeting 132At its 132nd meeting, held in Frankfurt, Germany on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November 2017, the IBU Executive Board discussed proposals from the Technical Committee, Medical Committee, the Legal Committee and the working group established by the extraordinary IBU Cong...
Biathlon Canada
“We believe the early acclimation and high-end racing is great preparation for Östersund, where the three of us always feel like we start flat and struggle to achieve good results," wrote Scott Gow, who had a top-30 sprint on Saturday. "Our goal is to adjust to Europe and have our bodies is the best shape possible. I would say we’ve accomplished our goals. We adjusted well to the jet lag, and we all had at least one decent race.” Brendan Green and Christian Gow also competed in the season-opening biathlon races in Sjusjøen, Norway. Biathlon Canada Gow Brothers Biathlon Brendan Green
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