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With this post, Karin Oberhofer has announced her retirement from professional biathlon. We take the chance to wish her all the best for the future #biathlonfamily 😘🇮🇹️ She leaves biathlon as a 2 time Olympic and 3 time WCH medallist! If you want to read the translation of her message, it's ⬇️here: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart... Today my son turns 10 months old and this very day, after many years dedicated to biathlon, I decided to end my professional career. Motivation and love for biathlon are still there, but with today I chose to dedicate my whole self to my family, because I feel proud and satisfied of my results and all that I have lived until today. Too often we live in the past, or we are afraid of the future, forgetting to live fully in the present. The "inner peace" that my little Paul gives me is impossible to describe, but it has been with me since the day he was born and I want to enjoy it every day with him. It's not an easy step to take, but I know it's time to start something new and trust the beauty of a new life's beginning. THANKS, with all my heart, to my family, my friends and FAN, to C.S. Esercito and the sponsors who were with me for all these past years, for your help and support. The most beautiful thing in the world is to love and be loved. Without big proclaims, I just want to share this news with you. These words come from my heart and I want to wish all the best to you all that followed and helped me in all these years."
Wohin du auch gehst, geh mit deinem ganzen Herzen… Heute wird mein Sohn 10 Monate alt und ich habe nach langer Überlegung entschieden mit dem Leistungsport aufzuhören. Meine Motivation und Freude zum Biathlon ist nach wie vor groß, dennoch habe ich mich für die Familie entschieden, da ich dankbar und zufrieden bin mit dem was ich erreicht habe und erleben durfte. Wir leben oft zu sehr in der Vergangenheit, oder haben Angst vor der Zukunft und vergessen dabei völlig, die Gegenwart zu genießen. Diese unbeschreibliche „innere Ruhe“ die klein Paul mir seit seiner Geburt gibt ist wunderschön zu erleben und ich genieße jeden einzelnen Tag und Augenblick mit ihm. Dennoch weißt du plötzlich: Es ist Zeit, etwas Neues zu beginnen und dem Zauber des Anfgangs zu vertrauen. Ich DANKE von ganzen Herzen, meiner Familie, Freunde, Verwandten, FANS, meiner Heeressportgruppe (C.S. Esercito) und meinen Sponsoren der vergangen Jahre für ihre Hilfe und Unterstützung. Das Schönste hier auf Erden ist lieben und geliebt zu werden. Heimlich, still und leise schicke ich euch diese Nachricht auf die Reise. Sie kommt von Herzen und ich wünsche euch allen nur das Beste. Danke, Karin https://www.karinoberhofer.com/de/wohin-du-auch-gehst-geh-mit-deinem-ganzen-herzen/
Three smiling ladies, Kaisa 🇫🇮️, Nastya🇸🇰️ and Nadezhda🇧🇾️, closing out the week and our season wrap-up stories. For Kaisa, it was a fairy-tale ending to the season with the big Crystal Globe and a small one in hand🏆 🏆; For Nastya, a bit of heartbreak missing the big prize but still her first two two Globes🏆🏆 and more Olympic Gold🥇, while Nadezhda had a career year with a World Cup win, first-ever Crystal🏆 and her own Olympic Gold medal🥇!
When the stadium lights in Tyumen dimmed for the last time on March 25, one thing was crystal clear: Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Martin Fourcade had won the 2017-18 IBU World Cup Total Score titles and were in possession of the big Crystal Globes. This third of three articles, focuses on
The German🇩🇪️ women and Norwegian🇧🇻️ men pretty much dominated the team Crystal Globes last season, with each taking two Crystal trophies🏆🏆. The Italian🇮🇹️ team kept the two big powers from a sweep by claiming their first-ever team title in the mixed relay!
The German women and Norwegian men led the parade of team Crystal Globe winners when the season ended, with only Italy as the outsider taking their first title, the Mixed Relay Globe. This second of three parts about the Crystal Globe winners covers the team titles. Part 3 coming on
On and off the coaching carousel: retirement, reassignments, returns and newcomers in 🇺🇸️🇩🇪️🇨🇵️🇵🇱️🇸🇰️🇫🇮️🇸🇾️🇺🇦️...and more to come this month! #coaches
As every Olympic cycle ends, the coaching carousel starts up, with coaches jumping off for retirement and others catching a ride for the next four years. So far, Germany, France, USA, Finland, Poland, Ukraine and Slovenia have announced their new staffs. Usually by this time of the year, with train....
The second group of retirees include: the “King of Biathlon” Ole Einar Björndalen, his teammate Emil Hegle Svendsen🇧🇻️, Tim Burke🇺🇸️, Weronika Nowakowska🇵🇱️, Olga Podchufarova🇷🇺️, Florian Graf🇩🇪️ and Coline Varcin🇨🇵️. Find out what some of them will be doing after biathlon in our story.
Heading up the list in part 2 of this year’s retirements are the “King of Biathlon” Ole Einar Björndalen, his teammate Emil Hegle Svendsen. The other retirees this time include WCH medalists Tim Burke, Weronika Nowakowska, and Olga Podchufarova and IBU Cup veterans Florian Graf and Coline Var...
Retirements: first of two parts about some of the most notable retirements this spring, some back stories, thoughts about the future and a video featuring a couple of the those starting new chapters in their life. In today's story: Marie Dorin Habert, Lowell Bailey, Jaroslav Soukup, Jean Guilaume Beatrix, Eva Tofalvi, Julia Ransom, and Hilde Fenne.
Olympic seasons are bellwether years, full of career highlights and glorious medals for established and rising stars and sometimes, for even the most successful athletes: the time to step away from biathlon and move on to new challenges. The just finished season was typical with a big group of retir...
Season over ❄️, spring 🌷 in the air; Martin 🇲🇫️ and Kaisa 🇫🇮️ on top. Today the first of three articles on the Crystal Globe winners, focusing on Fourcade's unprecedented run to his SEVENTH World Cup Total Score title🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆.
When the stadium lights in Tyumen dimmed for the last time on March 25, one thing was crystal clear: Martin Fourcade and Kaisa Mäkäräinen had won the 2017-18 IBU World Cup Total Score titles and were in possession of the big Crystal Globes. This article, the first of three, takes
As the saying goes, "Another one bites the dust:" Emil Hegle Svendsen becomes the second big star⭐ from Norway🇧🇻️ to retire in the last week. Some comments from today's press conference, a short look back at his career, and a archive video (see his motivational photo📸 in the last minute). Best of luck to Emil in his next career and upcoming marriage💍!
Emil Hegle Svendsen, also known by his twitter handle, “SuperSvendsen” stepped to the podium this morning just as his teammate Ole Einar Björndalen did last week, to announce his retirement from biathlon. The 32-year-old leaves the sport with a glittering resume that includes 4 Olympic Gold med...
Gabriela Koukalová announced today that she is out for the coming season and possibly for longer, commenting while at a charity event and later posting a statement on her Facebook page. "I'm leaving next season. I don't feel like racing physically or mentally, I have no inner desire to win. I want to do other things for a while. I'm not saying I quit my whole career, I might miss racing, but now I can't imagine coming back. I wanted to do it officially in the next week, but today at Ukliďme Česko, I thought I'd clean up my soul, and I'll say what I've been doing for weeks."
The rumors of recent weeks became a reality this afternoon when Gabriela Koukalová stated that she would not compete next season. That means the Czech team will be without its biggest star for their home BMW IBU World Cup in Nove Mesto na Morave next December. The Czech star has
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