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A brilliant weekend in Oslo, with some of the biggest stars🌟 providing the thrills in the glorious conditions🌞...and several athletes like Marie, Julia, Tim, Lowell and Jean Guillaume bid the sport farewell. All of the highlights in the story and wrap video from #HOL18.
The past weekend’s BMW IBU World Cup 8 at Oslo Holmenkollen was sunshine-filled as some the sport’s biggest stars performed at the peak of their abilities, shooting fast and clean in almost perfect conditions. At the same time, the sport bid farewell to a handful of retiring biathlon stars and
Despite two top 10 in the season (career best results!) and only 25 years of age, Biathlon Canada Julia Ransom has decided to hang the rifle to the wall and focus on her studying career. We talked to her at the end of her last ever World Cup competition in #HOL18 and want to leave her with the best wishes for whatever will come next in her life! ❤️🇨🇦️
Canadian Julia Ransom announced today her farewell from biathlon competitions to focus on studying. At the end of the pursuit at Holmenkollen, her teammates ...
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