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as usual, it's been a fun, exciting and full of changes at the top single mixed relay! Enjoy the great highlights from #KON18 and don't forget you can tune in on www.eurovisionsports.tv/ibu for the mixed relay in little more than 2 hours: congratulations to Anaïs Chevalier and Antonin Guigonnat ofFédération Française de Ski - FFS for their gold run, Lisa Hauser and Julian Eberhard of ÖSV Biathlon for the second place and Johannes Thingnes Bø / Boe and Marte Olsbu for their bronze!
What would you say to yourself in a letter✏️ written today to be opened📩 in four years? Some of the young and upcoming stars at the just completed IBU YJWCH did just that. Find out🤔 what they said in this feature story. #ote18
What kind of emotions and feelings do athletes have when they stand at the podium; what do they think about in that moment they always dreamed of? Maybe they remember the tough and exhausting training days; the long hours alone or with teammates? In a moment filled with euphoria and
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