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Norway's Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen takes second season win finishing first in the individual competition at the IBU Cup 3 in Obertilliach, while World Cup regular Monika Hojnisz of Poland confidently won in the women's competition.
Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen of Norway shot clean on his way to a confident win in the men’s individual at the IBU Cup 3 in 48:39.0. Second went to Belgium’s Michael Roesch with one penalty, 1:07.1 back. Volodymyr Siemakov of Ukraine, the second clean shooter of the day, finished third, 1:33.5
A look back at the weekend that was...with Johannes' sprint/pursuit double, Dasha and Nastya's wins, the Norwegian and German relay wins, with of course Germsmy anchored by you-know-who and Kaisa moving into Yellow!
The move from the dark of Östersund to snowy, windy Hochfilzen was just the remedy that several established stars and teams needed to get their seasons in high gear. Although the weather was either snowy or windy, the biggest names in the sport simply carrying on as expected. Biathlon is
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