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Teja Gregorin won a Silver medal at the IBU WCH at Pyeongchang in 2009, a Bronze medal at the Sochi OWG in 2014. Now she is thinking medals on the #roadtopyeongchang. #feelslovenia
37-year-old Teja Gregorin’s career dates back to her IBU (European) Cup debut back on November 30, 2002. Over the ensuing fifteen plus years, she has five career podiums (four individual and one mixed relay); three of those five put major medals in her trophy case. With two IBU Silver medals and a 2...
To start the countodown to the new BMW IBU World Cup, we thought about re-living the best moments of the past season through the best shots of our photographers. To spice things up, we put up a contest so you can vote your favourite pictures through different categories both on our official website poll and by reacting to the pictures that will be posted each Friday on this facebook page. Are you ready? The first set of pictures will be up soon, but if you can't wait, you can vote from this link too!
In the countdown to the start of the season, Biathlon World decided to ask to the photographers working at the BMW IBU World Cup and World Championships to pick some of their best shots. Once collected them, we divided them into a few categories for you to chose the best biathlon pictures of 2016-20...
Sometimes it happens that it is your favorite hobby that helps you start doing sports. Yuliia Dzhima has always liked to draw and namely painting brought her into biathlon. Read more and see how she decorated teammates' rifles in our story.
For many athletes, a hobby is an activity that gives an opportunity to have a good time, relax or just take a break from hard training and competitions. But it also happens that it is your favorite amusement that helps you start doing sports.
Being a mother of twins and a top athlete is not an easy task, but Weronika Nowakowska is ready for the challenge and she is motivated to fullfil her Olympic dreams in #Pyeongchang2018
On a rainy day in , we met with Weronika Nowakowska and her two little babies. The two-time World Championships medallist has given birth to two beautiful twins and is ready to comeback to the World Cup tour. She admitted that having two kids made her comeback slightly harder than planned, but with…
Scott Dixon Biathlete transformed an idea that he had while cycling into a project to stay in touch with his niece and now he is giving copies of his children's book to fund his Olympic dreams! 😍📖🏅You can find more details, including how to get a copy of the book, in the article!
During the season biathletes travel four months almost non-stop. For British biathlete Scott Dixon, time away from home is considerably longer: he lives and trains in Lillehammer, Norway. Whereas most athletes use modern technology to stay in touch with their friends and family, Dixon, who has a you...
Summer training and a few fun questions for Mass Start World Champion Simon Schempp. Guess who is his favorite football player...or holiday destination.🎖⚽️🏖🚵‍♂️ #worldchampion #ruhpolding
Summer 2017 seems to have been good to Simon Schempp. On a rainy September morning, he is smiling, relaxed and looks tan and fit, heading out for 2.5 hours of classic rollerskiing at the Chiemgau Arena, just a week before his annual fall competition tests, the German Championships.
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