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Are the men's competitions at the IBU World Championships going to be another installment of the season-long series "Trying to Catch Johannes" or will another man take center stage? It all starts on Thursday at 16:15 CET when the 2019 IBU World Championships open with the mixed relay!
If the upcoming IBU World Championships go as the most of the season has gone so far, each day will simply be another round of the soap opera, “Trying to Catch Johannes.” That is basically how the 2018-19 BMW IBU World Cup season has gone so far. There is Johannes
The countdown to the 2019 IBU World Championships continues with the mixed relay coming up on Thursday. With that in mind, a quick look at five plus two leading ladies who have won🥇13 of the 18 individual competitions, 30 total podiums 🥇🥈🥉 and 28 more results in places 4-6. There is a good chance that this group will be frequent podium visitors in Östersund.
There is high likelihood that the five top ladies in the World Cup Total Score, plus a couple of “wild cards” will be in the medals’ hunt at this week’s IBU World Championships.
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